Objek Wisata Geopark Ciletuh – Warning, the tourist areas in Ciletuh Geopark are only for hunters, adventure seekers and nature lovers, not for those who destroy and disrespect nature and its things!

The tourist attractions in Ciletuh Geopark show the beauty of nature, saying that “Indonesia is a piece of heaven on earth” is true. The Ciletuh Geopark itself is a regional management concept that integrates geological, biological and cultural diversity through the principles of conservation, education and sustainable development. Ciletuh Geopark has an area of ​​128 thousand hectares, eight districts of Sukabumi region.

Objek Wisata Geopark Ciletuh

Ciletuh Geopark was also recognized by UNESCO as a World Geopark last April, thanks to its amazing geological heritage. In addition, there is also diversity and culture, and the natural scenery is very special. Nature and beauty is also the main theme that cannot be missed.

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Due to the special benefits it offers, it finally attracted the interest of many travelers. In addition, there are many tourist sites in Ciletuh Geopark that are not yet touched by technology, but are natural and wonderful. If you want to see the natural treasures and amazing panoramas presented in the Ciletuh Geopark, some of the tourist attractions below can be a reference point for you to go on your next vacation. Look, huh!

One of the must-visit tourist spots in Ciletuh Geopark is Ujung Genteng Beach. Do not expect white sand, with a steep beach and a long tail, the waves are very different.

Not only can you relax, sunbathe or play on the beach, you can also do other things, including pre-wedding photos, to think it’s fun and beautiful. Other than that, this place is perfect for those who want to have fun

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to get to Cipanarikan Beach. But it is guaranteed that once you reach the place, you will be amazed by everything there.

Panduan Wisata Ke Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi Jawa Barat 2023

It has clean and white sand, a beautiful bay with green water, a long beach and a long beach where you can freely run around without fear of disturbing other people. The most pleasant moment is to enjoy the sunset here. Want to visit?

Sukabumi also has scattered hills that erupt in many places, just like the hill where the Teletubbies play. The place is located in Ujung Genteng, Ciracap district.

If you just want to relax in the evening, enjoy the cool breeze blowing in the countryside and some sunshine, while enjoying the many green hills, Teletubbies Hill in Ujung Genteng can be well chosen.

This tourist spot in Ciletuh Geopark is more suitable for beach sports and surfing lovers. With perfect waves for surfing and a long beach, the activities here are guaranteed to be fun.

Ciletuh Geopark, Wisata Komplit Dari Alam Yang Menawan!

It is very easy to get to Cimaja Beach town. Apart from that, you can also reach the public places easily because this tourist place has received a lot of attention from the local government. Fun!

Another beach in the Ciletuh Geopark area that you can visit is Pangumbahan Beach. Its hidden location and beautiful beaches are one of the reasons to come to this beach.

Another thing that can be interesting is the presence of green turtles that make this beach a place for nesting and laying eggs. But remember, don’t worry, okay? This beach is also a great place for surfing. But the most amazing thing is the special view. Very well!

You can say that this beach is the entrance to Ciletuh Geopark from the sea. Don’t be disappointed by the view on offer because it is truly magnificent!

Tempat Wisata Di Geopark Ciletuh, Surga Bagi Para Petualang

The beach is very long and wide, and is a great place to play and relax. This beach is also used as a base for paragliding activities. The best time to visit this beach is in the morning, when the sun rises in the east and the fishermen return to catch fish. Very foreign!

At an altitude of more than 230 meters above sea level, Puncak Darma is the perfect place to see the beauty of the beach and ocean on one side, and the forest and waterfalls in Ciletuh Geopark on the other.

The combination of green rice paddies and forests, flowing rivers and the blue sea create a natural panorama that can be seen from Puncak Darma to protect the viewer. The most enjoyable moment is enjoying the sunrise from Puncak Darma.

There is a perfect place to bring your friend to enjoy the natural scenery at Ciletuh Geopark, Puncak Tugu. The easy access to the place and the beautiful natural panorama make it a very popular tourist spot in Ciletuh Geopark today.

Tebing Panenjoan, Mega Amphitheater Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi

Puncak Tugu is located in Cicukang Hamlet, Mekarjaya Village, Ciemas District, and offers views of many waterfalls on the rocks and forests in Ciletuh Geopark. You can also spend the night here and rent a tent to enjoy the night weather.

Ciletuh Geopark is also home to Panenjoan Hill and like many places in Indonesia, the view it offers is unique.

Its easily accessible location, right in front of the PAPSI (Sukabumi Pakidulan Nature Association) office, makes this tourist spot in Ciletuh Geopark very popular with local tourists. In addition, there is a very popular personal space with a special background.

Also, there is a fun place to enjoy the scenery at Ciletuh Geopark, one of Puncak Gebang. The presence of sidewalks makes it easier for visitors to look around the area.

Unesco Revalidasi Ciletuh, Sukabumi Bersiap Pertahankan Status Geopark

Puncak Gebang itself was built independently by the local community. Celebrating the energy of nature and stunning views, Puncak Gebang is the right tourist destination for Instagrammers visiting Ciletuh Geopark.

This traditional village at the foot of Mount Halimun can be a tourist destination in Sukabumi for those who love local culture. You can see what kind of local knowledge exists from the people who still keep the traditions of Sudanese customs and traditions.

Not only can you learn and understand the “lifestyle” of the people here, this Kasepuhan Ciptagelar traditional village is also unique, including the construction and style of the houses there. If you are lucky, you can also take part in the traditional rituals that take place on certain days. Very interesting, isn’t it?

It is one of the natural treasures of Ciletuh Geopark, this towering waterfall shows its beauty. It starts with the rocky cliffs covered with green plants, adding to the nature of the waterfall and the strong flow of water.

Mengintip Indahnya Kawasan Geopark Ciletuh, Sukabumi

Not only that, when you visit this waterfall, your eyes will be spoiled with the beautiful scenery of nature, starting from the rice paddies, the flowing rivers to the rainbow arc pouring into this waterfall Very good!

If the water flow increases, this waterfall presents a beautiful view of the waterfall like a water dam. However, if there is not enough water flow, the water stream still flows.

Curug Awang is the largest waterfall and the landmark of Ciletuh Geopark. Because of the uniqueness it offers, it is an understatement to say that Curug Awang is the Mini Niagara of this national park. Due to the rock formation and not fast flowing water, we can say that it is very safe to play in the water here.

In the area of ​​Ciletuh Geopark, Cimarinjung Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in Sukabumi that must be a reference. Its beauty and natural beauty remains intact and the beautiful panoramas of nature are something to see around.

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The pristine air of the countryside is also magnetic to visit the over 50 meter high waterfall. The large flow of water from the Cimarinjung River will allow you to play in the water while enjoying its freshness.

Unlike other waterfalls scattered in Sukabumi, Cigansa waterfall has three levels and low water flow. But because of this, this Instagenic waterfall is growing.

The water “melts” over the long cliff where a water dam can be seen. Moreover, the natural features around the waterfall add to the beauty of this waterfall. You can also play in the water safely because the water flowing there can be said to be very calm. It’s fun, right?

For lovers of mysteries and secrets, Curug Cikaso can be a destination. The problem is that the legend in circulation says that Nyai Blorong is waiting for this waterfall in Prabu Siliwangi.

Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi: Lokasi, Info Tiket, & Spot Wisata

But when you see the beauty that this waterfall presents, it’s natural that people like to wait. Not only is it amazing, this Cikaso waterfall shows nature, coolness and beautiful scenery. Very well!

When you reach the place, you will enjoy a wonderful view of two twin waterfalls. The flow of water, especially in the rainy season, adds to the beauty of this waterfall.

Being under the waterfall adds to the uniqueness of this trip. Not to mention the beautiful panorama of nature around the waterfall, your visit to this tourist spot in Sukabumi will be completely unforgettable.

Curug Larangan is one of the hidden tourist spots in Sukabumi. The water flow is clear with high rocky cliffs in the background. There are also many plants to decorate the natural panorama around this waterfall.

Siapkan Waktu Dan Stamina, Nikmati Objek Wisata Yang Ada Di Kawasan Goepark Ciletuh, Pelabuhanratu Sukabumi

The beauty of Larangan waterfall is breathtaking. Due to the high flow of water, especially during the rainy season, this waterfall in Girimukti village is fun to visit. This waterfall is also located in the Ciletuh Geopark area, you know!

In the tropical rain to find a hidden paradise, you can try the Ciletuh Geopark trail to the great Cikanteh waterfall. Not only is the water flow abundant, the natural wind also supports your exciting adventures.

To reach one of the tourist spots in the Ciletuh Geopark, you have to walk for a few moments, passing through many forests and valleys on the way up. However, when you reach the place, you will find a part of paradise, with natural features and fresh air.

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