Objek Wisata Masjid Istiqlal – After arriving in the capital of Indonesia, don’t miss out on visiting the religious attractions located in DKI Jakarta as well as being able to calm your heart.

For tourists who don’t understand where religious tourism is in DKI Jakarta, let’s have a look at the following summary.

Objek Wisata Masjid Istiqlal

The country’s long history of tourism can be seen in a building that still stands strong today, the great Sunda Kelapa Mosque. Formerly a Dutch heritage building used as a Post and Railway Company.

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After the Germans were no longer in power, the building was used again as the headquarters of the Japanese Navy. However, after the independence of Indonesia, the governor of DKI Jakarta Ali Sadikin in 1987 restored it and ended up using it as a mosque until now.

The Istiqlal Mosque, located in central Jakarta, is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, and the construction of this mosque was initiated by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno or Bung Karno.

The architect of this mosque was Fredrich Silaban, the first stone was raised to mark the beginning of the construction of the Istiqlal Mosque on August 24, 1961, which was only started on February 22, 1978.

The Istiqlal Mosque is located on Jl. Taman Wijaya Kusuma, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar District, Jakarta City, and a photo of the landmark can be found in the main image of this article titled “3 Historic Mosques in Jakarta for Religious Tourism” “.

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Al Alam Cilincing Mosque or Al Alam Marunda Mosque is a silent witness to the history of Islam in the country of Betawi which was founded by Sultan Fatahillah when he was going to capture Sunda Kelapa from the Portuguese.

This religious tourism place is the oldest mosque in DKI Jakarta area, which on the other hand has great value for the history of Jakarta and Indonesia.

Based on the history of DKI Jakarta’s past service, this mosque was built on June 22, 1527, which coincides with DKI Jakarta’s anniversary or Jakarta’s 495th anniversary on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

Al-Alam Mosque is located in Cilincing Lama Area, RT 005/RW 05, Cilincing Village, Cilincing District, North Jakarta. . Friedrich Silaban is the architect of the Istiqlal Mosque. He is the son of a priest and he believes in Christianity. Despite being a Christian, he managed to win a competition to design the Istiqlal Mosque in 1955 by Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno.

Panduan Lengkap Wisata Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Not only that but it is the third largest in the world. The Istiqlal has 12 pillars representing the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. In addition, there are 5 floors, representing the pillars of Islam and Pancasila. Also, a large fountain depicting “monotheism” was built in the southwest. Indeed Friedrich Silaban’s design is full of philosophy.

Referring to the meaning of the Istiqlal Mosque, Istiqlal means “freedom”. The word “independence” was coined as a symbol of Indonesia’s independence in 1945 after colonialism. Silaban said the design came from his imagination. Finally, he added architectural principles that fit Indonesia’s tropical climate and Islamic law.

The Istiqlal Mosque stands on an area of ​​9.5 hectares, surrounded by two waterways of the Ciliwung River. Its location near the Indonesian National Monument symbolizes the role of citizenship in this mosque. Based on its history, in order to preserve the building for a long time, Silaban researched Iran, Egypt, and Malaysia in order to find suitable mihrab designs for the Istiqlal Mosque.

The beauty of the Istiqlal Mosque can be seen in the implementation of the architecture of Indonesia, the Middle East and Europe. Indonesian architecture adapted to the tropical climate is used in parts of the mosque close to the central government. Finally, in the dome, the script was used as a response to the familiar architecture of the Middle East. In addition, European-style architecture can be seen on the pillars and walls in the corners of the mosque’s terraces.

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The Istiqlal Mosque was first built in 1961. During that time, Silaban was assisted by many architectural experts. An architect, he also decided to study in Europe to learn about the best architecture that should be in buildings. Now the most interesting architectural part of the Istiqlal Mosque is its dome, towers and corridors.

Initially, Silaban proposed that the dimensions of the roof would be 45 meters in diameter. At that time, a giant stone was built, 35 meters above the ground in Indonesia. As a result, the structure of the Istiqlal dome uses a polyhedron structure and construction materials. Its dome is supported by 12 large columns and 5,138 piles; The dome frame using West German stainless steel weighs 86 tons. Finally, the outside is covered with ceramic and topped with a star-shaped rod.

The tower symbolizes the majesty of Islam where its height of 6,666 cm represents the number of verses of Al-Quran. At the top of the tower, there is a 30-meter-high iron that also represents the number of juz in Al-Quran.

Although this mosque has no ventilation system, the air inside the mosque is good. Silaban made the walls as small as possible to let the wind in easily. Therefore, prayers at the mosque can be more connected to God.

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The Istiqlal Mosque has three large bridges surrounded by a canal with a width of 18.6 meters and a height of 21-25 meters. Also, there is a small pedestrian bridge made of steel. Before entering the mosque, Istiqlal also has terraces and a large corridor surrounded by 1800 columns.

Before this, the main building was 60 meters long and 100 meters wide facing Makkah or the Qiblah. No problem, this main building is an office building, a service room,

Region, and expanding the gathering place for the Islamic holy day. The Istiqlal Mosque has a supporting building; used in places of worship. This area contains 17,300 and 1899 marbles.

In addition, the Istiqlal Mosque can accommodate many people. The main prayer hall with balconies and wings can accommodate 61,000 people. Now, there are 8,000 people in the room. The open terrace room on the 2nd floor holds 50,000 people. Also, in each corridor there are 81,000 other people.

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The simplicity of Friedrich Silaban’s ideas about nature was able to effectively implement Islamic law. Now, Istiqlal is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and can accommodate 200,000 worshipers and is always full on the most important Islamic day. In addition, its role is not only a mosque but also a public place in general and a testament to the history of Indonesia’s architectural development.

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