Objek Wisata Pelabuhan Ratu – , Jakarta – Pelabuhan Ratu is one of the tourist spots that is always crowded whenever Idul Fitri comes or other festivals. This is what made the name Pelabuhan Ratu exist today. Pelabuhan Ratu has also become an unprecedented cultural heritage in 2016 for the field of traditions and oral traditions, as quoted on the website legas Budaya.kemendikbud.go.id, Wednesday (4/5/ 2022).

It is said that Nyai Putri Purnamasari ruled Pajajaran kingdom. In another battle, Nyi Putri along with her husband Raden Kumbang Bagus Setra and the royal representative Rakean Kalang Sunda faced the enemy led by Jaya Antea.

Objek Wisata Pelabuhan Ratu

He is known to be arrogant, cruel, does not believe in fate, and is full of mischief. Nyi Putri’s army, which had reached its peak, continued to dwindle.

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In addition to contracting the disease that causes death, many also fled because they could not bear it and entered the forest. In the end, only three people remained from the kingdom of Pajajaran, namely Nyi Putri Purnama Sari, Raden Kumbang Bagus Setra and Rakean Kalang Sunda.

There was even a conflict between Jaya Antea and Raden Kumbang Bagus Setra, both of whom are strong. During the war, the country was divided into two.

Raden Kumbang fell there, while Nyi Putri and Rakean Kalang Sunda fled into the forest until they reached the Cimandiri River. One day Rakean Kalang Sunda once again encountered his enemy, Jaya Antea. Both of them fought till Jayanti Hill.

Suddenly the weapon of Rakean Kalang Sunda fell, which is supposed to be the shrine of Jaya Tias. However, seeing this, Jaya Antea was suffering from extreme pressure and then he was shot with a gun, which caused him to fall into the water and become a fish.

Puncak Robin Wisata Alam Yang Berada Di Ci Kakak Palabuhanratu

At this time, Nyai Putri Purnamasari is said to have given birth to a daughter named Nyai Putri Mayang Sagara Pamulangan. As for Rakean Kalang Sunda, he went on a journey.

After the age of Nyi Ratu Purnamasari, the kingdom was handed over to Nyi Putri Mayang Sagara, and she was given the title of Nyai Ratu Kidul. At that time, it was called Palabuhan Ratu Nyai Ratu Pakuan ‘Pajajaran Mandiri, which is now called Palabuhan Ratu.

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Two tourists who were on their Eid holiday ended up in the middle of the sea at Pelabuhan Ratu. Fortunately, the two men were still rescued by the joint officers.

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Pelabuhan Ratu is a tourist destination that many tourists visit and there are many parks in Pelabuhan Ratu that can be visited. Because it is located on the coast, Pelabuhan Ratu resorts are surrounded by beautiful beaches.

In Pelabuhan Ratu Park, you can find historical buildings and other attractions. Tourist attractions in Pelabuhan Ratu also have good facilities ranging from resorts, restaurants, guides, hotels, to security insurance.

Visiting the parks in Pelabuhan Ratu can be a way to relax. Collected from various sources, and Pelabuhan Ratu Charms Beach.

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is a famous beach in Sukabumi. This beach has a combination of steep and sloping beaches with high rocks. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is known to have big waves, so it is not recommended for tourists to swim at this beach.

Bukan Sekadar Pantai, Ternyata Pelabuhan Ratu Punya Banyak Atraksi Seru

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach also has its own mystical history. That said, this beach is the entrance to the Invisible Realm controlled by Nyi Roro Kidul. Although it has a very thick mystical history, this beach has a unique natural beauty.

This trend is characterized by a combination of steep and rocky beaches. In addition, there are natural reserves in the form of forests and rocks, as well as quite rough rocks.

Cimaja Beach is a beach located in Pelabuhan Ratu Bay. This tourist attraction is located in Cimaja Village, Cikakak District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.

The location of this beach is hidden, not on the side of the road like the other beaches of Pelabuhan Ratu. The distance is about 10 kilometers from Pelabuhan Ratu.

Nama Pantai Palabuhanratu Sukabumi Yang Paling Sering Dikunjungi Oleh Banyak Para Wisatawan

Cimaja beach is also known for having big waves which are mostly used by surfers for surfing. Cimaja Beach has been known as a surfing beach since the 1970s. This beach also hosts international surfing competitions.

Another interesting beach in Pelabuhan Ratu Bay is Citepus Beach. Citepus Beach is located on the Cisolok-Pelabuhan Ratu road.

The location of this beach is very strategic, which makes this beach a favorite place for tourists. The coastline of this beach is 3-5 kilometers long.

Cibangban Beach is an alternative beach that can be visited apart from Pelabuhan Ratu Beach. Management, Cibangban Beach is located in Pasirbaru Village, Cisolok District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. As written on the entrance to the beach, the manager of this beach is the local government.

Ke Pelabuhan Ratu Yuk, Indah Lhoo Pemandangannya Halaman 3

Compared to Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, the sandy beach is less touristy. The calm atmosphere makes this beach a perfect place to relax. Its location along the main road with a large entrance makes this beach easy to find.

This beach is called Cipatuguran Beach, located in Esa Jayanti, Palabuhan Ratu District, Sukabumi Kingdom. The surrounding environment is calm, so it further allows visitors to play freely in the sand and can be used as a sports area, such as football.

This beach is famous for its beautiful sunsets. This beach area is also often used as a fishing resort in Pelabuhan Ratu. Palabuhanratu Beach or more commonly known as Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is a tourist area located 60 kilometers south of Sukabumi in the west. Java.

This beach is right next to the Indian Ocean in the southern part of West Java. So you can imagine how beautiful views tourists will get when visiting this beach.

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1. In general, the coastal area of ​​Pelabuhan Ratu consists of steep and sloping beaches, steep hills with nature reserves, forests and mountains.

2. In 1960, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, established an official holiday in Tenjo. Because, Pelabuhan Ratu is considered beautiful and interesting to relax for a while

3. Like other southern beaches, Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is associated with stories about the queen of the south. That is the character who is believed to be the ruler of the Queen of the South

4. Many myths are spread, you can get lost in the waves if you wear green clothes. This is always associated with the story of Nyo Roro Kidul who loves green

Tempat Wisata Menarik Di Sekitar Pelabuhan Ratu Yang Akan Membuat Liburanmu Lebih Seru

5. Every April, Fisherman’s Day is held, and charity is thrown in the shape of a buffalo’s head in the middle of the sea to show gratitude to God.

6. In the past, the people of the town used to hunt turtles in Sukabumi a lot. After the local government passed the turtle protection law, this did not happen again. People are still being kidnapped at Pangumbahan Ujung Genteng beach

7. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach area is surrounded by many beautiful beaches, such as Cimaja Beach, Citepus, Cibangban, Karang Hawu, Karang Naya, etc.

Apart from the mystical history surrounding it, Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is an interesting place to visit. You’ve been there before, haven’t you?

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