Objek Wisata Yang Ada Di Ancol – Visitors see fish at Seaworld Ancol, Jakarta on Tuesday (5/2). Chinese New Year Holiday 2570 Ancol is still the tourist destination of choice for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. (/Yohan Tallo)

, Jakarta For Jakarta residents who don’t have much time to vacation outside the city, you can choose Ancol area for vacation. There are various tourist attractions in Ankol, which are presented in their own different emotions.

Objek Wisata Yang Ada Di Ancol

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a high-tech amusement park with a variety of games. There are many tourist attractions of Ankol that can be enjoyed. This amusement park is for all ages, both children and adults.

Wisata Sea World Ancol Sudah Dibuka! Ini Syarat Masuknya

Ancol was purposely created to serve as an integrated tourism area. The tourist attractions in Ankol are considered very complete in terms of all the facilities provided to meet the needs of the people of Jakarta and its surroundings who want to vacation and relax.

From natural attractions to challenging riding tours, there are tourist attractions in Ankol. Here are some tourist attractions in Ankol that you can do as an alternative vacation to the capital. It was summarized from various sources along with criticisms on Monday (10/21/2019).

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Dunia Fantasi or Dufan is the first tourist spot in Ankol that you should visit. Dufan is part of Ancol Dreamland or Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

Tempat Wisata Di Jakarta Terbaik

This tourist spot of Ankol attracts the attention of many tourists. This is because Dupont has a variety of rides that kids to adults can enjoy.

Playgrounds like carousel, hysteria, lightning, whirlwind, carousel, and various other extreme rides. In addition to exciting and challenging rides, Dofan also offers a variety of educational rides such as Fantasy World Physics (Fidofa) and achievement stages.

Visitors see jellyfish on the jellyfish ride at SeaWorld Ancol, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/25). Sea World is an alternative tourist destination for residents to spend the Christmas holiday 2018. (/Faisal Fanani)

Not only exciting rides, you can also get to know the diverse underwater life in Ancol’s tourist attractions. At Sea World you will feel a different vacation experience.

Wisata Hemat Spesial Ancol Meriahkan Jakarta E Prix 2022

Here you can get to know the underwater world. Not only can you see marine fish conservation, you can also see freshwater fish conservation at Sea World. In addition, there are still famous for the rare species of fish that you can see here.

You can see around 7,000 freshwater biota in giant aquariums and open pools. Sometimes you will also be offered a feeding show attraction, which is the act of divers feeding marine life.

If you want to get up close and personal with marine life, Sea World also provides a touch pool so you can feel the thrill of direct contact with marine life. With all the facilities on offer, it is no wonder that this Ankol tourist spot is always packed with visitors.

In Jakarta, there is a place that offers the feeling of the underwater world, namely Ocean Dream Samudra, which can be a solution to the school vacation.

Wahana Yang Ada Di Ancol

Ocean Dream Samudra is also suitable as another alternative to meet marine life. More interestingly, at Ocean Dream Samudra you can watch the clever attractions of dolphins, sea lions and various animals.

Using the concept of Edutainment theme park, here you are given the opportunity to get up close and personal with various marine animals. The vehicle is also used as a center for on-site dolphin conservation studies as it has a relatively complete dolphin concept and facility.

If you enjoy watching these marine animal attractions, you can increase your family’s enjoyment by watching 4D movies.

If you want to enjoy various games in open and beautiful green spaces, you can visit Eco Ocean Park. Here you can enjoy variety and entertainment. Open and beautiful green spaces can be a cure for the longing to enjoy nature without having to go out of Jakarta.

Ancol Mulai Berbenah Jelang Uji Coba Pembukaan Tempat Wisata Di Dki Jakarta

The provided educational rides are ready to invite you and all family members to get to know nature. Here you can plant your family. Apart from that, modern games like paint ball are also worth trying as a fun entertainment medium.

This Ancol tourist spot is ideal for those who love to play in the water. At Atlantis Water Adventure, there are many thrilling water rides that are relaxing. Here are 5 water attractions like wave pool, pool, floating pool, wadi pool and the highest crazy part.

The Crazy Highest Longest Side ride is perfect for those of you who love extreme adventure. You will fly this vehicle at a speed of 12 km per hour. There are two slides that you should try, the first is 149 km long with a twisting model and 122 meters long in the form of an open slide.

Another exciting vacation in Ancol that you can choose is the Living Museum. Located on the third floor of Ancol Beach City Mall, you can enjoy paintings and art transformed with digital technology at the Alio Museum.

Tempat Wisata Ancol Ditutup Mulai Besok, Kamis 24 Juni

This place will make your imagination run wild when you try rides equipped with 3D illusions like Fantasy Zone, Dark Road, Horror Zone, Extreme Zone, Circus Zone and Travel Zone.

In addition to that, you can take selfies with real wax figures of Indonesian and Korean celebrities.

Several umbrellas decorate the Ancol art market, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/11). Until now, the Ancol Art Market is still a hangout for artists who, even though they are forced to sit in silence, still remain. (Holami Fitriansieh)

You can consider the art market as an alternative to your Jakarta vacation. If you just want to relax on vacation, Pasar Sani is the right choice.

Celetukan Warga Bogor Lihat Ancol Ramai: Saya Pikir Jakarta Sepi

In the art market, various souvenirs from the works of reliable artists can be seen and bought. Various souvenirs such as paintings, photos, sculptures, handicrafts, etc. are available.

Apart from seeing various artworks from artists, here you can also enjoy the artistic activities of artists with different streams. In this activity, you can interact with each other at the same time through education, exhibitions, film screenings and discussions. The tourist attractions of Jakarta are diverse which are particularly attractive for tourists. Not only Ragunan National Monument and Zoo, Taman Impian Jaya is no less famous and has become one of the favorite tourist destinations.

Since colonial times, the tourist area has been a magnet in the world of tourism and is still growing. Finally in 1966, Taman Impian Jaya opened and became one of the biggest theme park icons in the country.

Talking about Jakarta’s tourist attractions cannot be separated from its popularity, which is one of the favorite tourist attractions. No wonder this tourist spot is always full of visitors during the holiday season.

Hari Keluarga Nasional 2022, Ini 5 Tempat Wisata Di Ancol Untuk Liburan Bareng Keluarga

Tourism provides a variety of pastimes with their own charms that make anyone feel at home and explore each of them. For more details, here are recommendations for Jakarta tourist attractions worth exploring.

Ke is not complete without exploring the fun of Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), the first theme park in Indonesia. This tourist spot in Jakarta was officially opened in 1985 and is still growing with a variety of exciting rides.

As the largest physics education and outdoor entertainment center in Indonesia, Dufan is equipped with fantasy around the world. Visitors can explore the world through exciting games divided into 9 zones.

From Mystery Trains, Butterflies, Paraglider, Turbo Drop, Zig Zag, Hummingbird, Caravel, Untang Earring, Hysteria, Lightning, Teapot, Crooked Houses, Doll Palaces, Tornado to Cora-Cora.

Objek Wisata Ancol Kini Bisa Dinikmati Hingga Tengah Malam

If you’re still not satisfied, there are other exciting rides to try. Among them, we can mention Carousel, Adventure in Ice Age, Playground of Dreams, Galactica, Rume Jahil, Mysterious Land, Fighting Birds, Rafting, Contiki, etc.

The tourist area in Jakarta not only carries the mission of recreation and entertainment, but also education and conservation to become a complete vacation package. As the name suggests, this tourist spot offers a variety of marine life.

There are at least 7,300 species of freshwater biota derived from 48 species of fish. In addition, there are many types of reptiles and other types of marine life of different types.

This tourist spot in Jakarta has 28 displays consisting of 9 freshwater aquariums, 19 other aquariums and 4 outdoor ponds with different types of fish. In addition, there are museum facilities that educate visitors on the collection of ancient marine animals.

Rekomendasi Tempat Wisata Di Jakarta Utara Yang Murah 2023

Available rides include Antasena Tunnel, Shark Aquarium, Magic Aquarium, Interactive Aquarium, Jellyfish Globe, Main Aquarium, Touchpole, Car Aquarium, and the Mysterious Museum of Deep Sea Life.

The 7-hectare Atlantis Water Adventure was officially opened in 1974 and has become one of the most popular water amusement parks. This cheap tourist spot in Jakarta invites visitors to enjoy an exciting and unforgettable adventure.

Some of the rides you should not miss are Asthatirta, Skybox, Crazy Slide, Dragon Race, Dragon Slide, Poseidon Wave, Antila River, Apollo Pool, Rainbow Splash Pool and Elephant Pool.

This tourist spot in Jakarta was officially opened in 1974 and carries the concept of an educational theme park with nuances of nature conservation. As the largest unit of the Oceanarium, this area offers a variety of animal shows that are highly entertaining.

Wisata Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (jakarta)

Among them, we can mention the show of dolphins, sea lions, freshwater and marine fish aquarium, animal show and bird park, which is the habitat of different species of birds. This area is also a center for dolphin conservation studies.

Apart from enjoying various animal shows, visitors to this place can also try various exciting rides. Among them are Mola Mola, Penguin Palace, 5D Cinema, Carousel, Jellyfish, Scorpion Pirates, Buto-Boto, Laga Lagoon and Children’s Playground.

Ocean Ecopark, by implementing the concept of education and entertainment, invites visitors to enjoy an exciting vacation with beautiful and cool natural beauty. In an area of ​​more than 34 hectares, you can play a variety of exciting games

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